Hot Sale Mesh Belt Conveyor Dryer System

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Basic Info.

Mesh Belt(M)
Drying Length(M)
Drying Temperature(ºC)
Steam Pressure(MPa)
Suitable to Dry Flowers, Leaves, Stems, Seeds, etc.
The Fuel
Gas, Diesel, Wood Chips, Electricity, Steam
Transport Package
Henan, China
Production Capacity
20 Sets/Month

Product Description

Mesh Belt Dryer Product Introduction

Mesh belt dryer is a commonly used continuous drying equipment, which can be widely used in, building materials, electronics and other industries. It is especially suitable for drying sheet, strip and granular materials with good ventilation. It can also be dried after being shaped by a granulator or an extruder.
1. Mesh belt dryer, material residence time and feeding speed to achieve the best drying effect.
2. Equipment configuration flexible mesh belt dryer can use mesh belt washing system and material cooling system.
3. Most of the air in the mesh belt dryer (mesh belt dryer) is recycled, which is highly energy-saving.
4. The unique air distribution device of the dryer makes the distribution of hot air more uniform and ensures the consistency of product quality.
5. The heat source can be equipped with steam, heat transfer oil, electricity or gas hot blast stove.
Hot Sale Mesh Belt Conveyor Dryer System


1. Mesh belt dryer machine layer setting baffle and guide plate. material flip over and over in the dryer machine chamber fully contract with the hot air, ensure that the material drying uniformity.
2. Mesh belt dryer machine transmission parts adopt speed regulating motor, the speed can be adjusted.
3. Mesh belt dryer machine with forced dehumidification way, the moisture is drained by the fastest speed from the top of the dryer machine.
4. Mesh belt dryer machine has three quality levels, three levels of price are available. It can meet different customer's budgets.

Hot Sale Mesh Belt Conveyor Dryer System

Working Principle

  The Mesh belt dryer machine system is consists of a feeding conveyor, belt dryer machine host, discharge conveyor, heat stove, hot air induced draft fan, exhaust fan. 
  1. Stainless steel feeding conveyor feed hemp leaves to the drying chamber.
  2. Hemp leaves from the first layer to the final layer.
  3. During this progress, heating system production the hot air, these hot air enter into the Dryer Machine by the blower fan, hot air rise from the bottom of Dryer Machine, and heated the material layer by layer.
  4. Dried hemp leaves discharging by the conveyor, the moisture exhaust at the top of the dryer.

Hot Sale Mesh Belt Conveyor Dryer System

Application Range

Fruit: Almonds, jujube, peanuts, longans, walnut, papaya tablets, apple, lemon, hawthorn pills, bananas, etc.

Vegetables: Asparagus, beans, kidney beans, lentils, eggplant, red pepper, Chinese prickly ash, black fungus, tremella, papaya tablets, pills, bitter melon, radish, cucumber slices, mushrooms, mushrooms, ginger, garlic, etc.

Medicinal material: Flos Lonicera, radix Scutellaria, salvia miltiorrhiza, burdock, fructus Schisandra, codonopsis, radix Rehmannia, prepared rhizome of Rehmannia, mulberries, forsythia, Chinese wolfberry, etc.

Others: Lily, rose, peony seed, fennel seeds, etc.

Hot Sale Mesh Belt Conveyor Dryer System


Model DW3-1.2-8 DW3-1.2-10 DW3-1.6-8 DW3-1.6-10 DW3-2-8 DW3-2-10
Drying Unit 4*3 5*3 4*3 5*3 4*3 5*3
Mesh Belt(m) 1.2 1.6 2
Drying Length(m) 8*3 10*3 8*3 10*3 8*3 10*3
Material Thickness(mm) 10-80
Drying Temperature(ºC) 50-150
Steam Pressure(MPa) 0.2-0.8
Heat exchange area(m²) 816 1020 1056 1320 1344 1680
Evaporation Capacity(kg/h20/h) 150-450 240-650 220-600 280-750 300-600 350-850
Number of fans 14 17 14 17 14 17
Power(kw) 30.8 32.6 30.8 32.6 54.2 56
Total Power(kw) 35.3 37.1 35.3 37.1 58.7 60.5
Dimensions(L*W*H) 9.77 11.7 9.77 11.77 9.77 11.77
2.2 2.2 2.6 2.6 3.06 3.06
4.7 4.7 4.7 4.7 4.9 4.9
Weight(kg) 4800*3 5780*3 5400*3 6550*3 6350*3 7800*3


Q. Why do I need a mesh-belt dryer?

A. Each planting season, hemp farmers cultivate many thousands of plants but the industry lacks sufficient capacity to efficiently and cost-effectively dry large seasonal harvests.  Antiquated hang-drying methods are labor-intensive, and simply do not make financial sense if you grow more than a few acres. The mesh-belt hemp dryer is a sustainable, innovative, and cutting-edge technology to help automate your hemp drying activities and benefit your long-term competitiveness. Our advanced belt drying equipment is engineered to maintain a high level of attention to detail, quality, sanitation, and consistency. This is the right tool to dry your hemp crop like a real professional.

Q. What makes mesh-belt dryers different from the competitors?

A. Dehydration is necessary to preserve the hemp biomass for later use as food additives or extraction for medicinal purposes. Mesh-belt hemp dryers continuously dry large quantities of plant material in a short period of time, and without requiring much production footprint. These technologies allow the operator to adjust the thermal energy in the hemp dryer to evenly evaporate water without over-drying or over-heating the hemp. This clear advantage provides a superior output, improved flavor, and texture while preserving robust hemp oils and aromas.

Q. Will using a mesh-belt hemp dryer affect my crop?

A. Our simple, labor-saving, low-temperature drying technologies are designed to ensure the highest value of dried output. Electronic controls allow operators to dial-in optimum air volume, belt speed, and temperature. The continuous movement of the four separate mesh belts ensures an even and consistent dehydration throughout the plant material. Four high-quality food-grade stainless steel mesh belts protect your high-value crops from rough handling and contamination, and convenient door handles allow panel access to view the status of the drying operation. We believe that the proper use of our mesh-belt hemp dryer will increase your bottom line.

Q. Does the dryer have temperature control?

A. Yes, the mesh-belt hemp dryer effectively and accurately controls temperatures. If you use natural gas or propane as the fuel source, the gas burner has sensors to control the temperature of the dryer unit. The sensor is placed between the dryer and a big fan. If the set temperature is exceeded, then the flame of the burner will decrease. If the temperature drops below the setpoint temperature, then the burner flame will increase. The user also can adjust the conveyor belt speed and temperature of the drying machine. Temperature settings are in Celsius and can be set to hold the drying temperature in a specific setting.

Q. Does the conveyor auto-adjust speed to temperature variations?

A. Yes, the dryer speed is fully adjustable. The feeding conveyor and drying machine use a single transmission part, so they operate at the same speed. The discharge conveyor speed is also adjustable. The feeding conveyor features a distributor, which our engineer will install on the dryer and adjust the dryer speed and material thickness spread on the conveyor. After these initial adjustments for the material, the engineer will set the temperature on the control panel. This allows the user to easily operate the machine while maintaining a consistent temperature in the dryer.

Our Company

  Founded in 2003, Zhengzhou Jiutian is an enterprise with 200 employees committed to enhancing clients productively, profitability, and safety. Jiutian has developed more than 200 patented products for the drying machine.

  Jiutian Machinery products include belt drying machine, flash drying machinebiomass drying and pelletizing production line, feed dregs drying equipment, coal drying upgrading equipment, poultry manure drying equipment, coconut fiber and coir drying machine, and related wood shaving machine, pellet machine, dehydration machine, carbonization furnace, etc.

  At present, Jiutian not only has a huge customer resource system and considerable market share in the country but also in the UK, Russia, Greece, Italy, Israel, Morocco, Congo, Côte d'Ivoire, Madagascar, Australia, India, Vietnam, Laos, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka. In Chile, the United States and other countries have established a case of dryers and successfully put into production, to achieve the quality and technology of dryer products and international standards.

Hot Sale Mesh Belt Conveyor Dryer System Hot Sale Mesh Belt Conveyor Dryer System Hot Sale Mesh Belt Conveyor Dryer System

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